I’m Valentin. I do Business & Software Development.

I started working in Software Development in High School, at the age of 17. One of my first projects was to create my High School's website.

I was then supported by my amazing teachers to keep learning, until I have developed skills in React and Node.js, that have shaped my career as a Software Developer.

In 2019, I met my first Co-founder, and we started Xposed. At Xposed I have learned a lot about client interaction and negotiation, but it wasn't until January 2021 that I have learned enough to be on my own. I left Xposed the following month.

I founded Pro App Tech in February 2021, and I have been working on it for the next 2 years. My initial investment was of 3,000€, and at the end of the 2 years, we have had a turnover of 360,000€.

Pro App Tech is where I have built an amazing team, exactly the way I like it. I've learned, through ups and downs, how to manage a team, how to manage clients, and how to manage my time.

In March 2023, I have merged Pro App Tech into Mediapark, a Lithuanian company with offices all over Eastern Europe. Mediapark is the sister company of CIVITTA, a large consulting company.

I am now actively working with Mediapark, working with my existing clients, as well as new types of clients.

My plan for the next 2 years is to contribute to the Romanian society, by leading the development of useful software, for the people.